Intermundia consulting

David is experienced in programme management, governance, planning and monitoring, having worked for over 25 years across these domains with the UN and civil society organizations.  He has excellent coordination and communication skills, a strong grasp of cross-cultural working, and a strategic, positive and creative outlook.

He seeks to apply his professional experience in new environments, and develop and refine his management experience, whether this be in the Geneva region or beyond.  Above all, principles of equality and integrity are important to David and he enjoys building organizational effectiveness and culture with humour and an open, inclusive and thoughtful approach.

David can help provide insightful, relevant and focused responses as well as formulating the right questions that are tailored to different distinct contexts.  His services include:

Strategy development, analysis and review

Scenario planning

Capacity development and evaluation


Accompaniment and guidance at all levels of the programme cycle, including results-based management, planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation

Development and optimization of partnerships, management and administration processes

During his career David has had experience in the development, education, environment, health, humanitarian, migration and sexual & reproductive health sectors.  Over the last 18 years he has worked with five UN organizations which are part of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), encompassing a period with three strategies and multiple workplans and budgets.  This has entailed supporting work from Executive Director level to country implementation, resource mobilization, as well as partnership management with a wide range of stakeholders.  This has been complemented by extensive voluntary experience with local and faith communities.

David approaches issues with integrity and frankness, and has a particular interest in tackling inequalities, wherever these arise – but in a nuanced and inclusive rather than blunt way.

Having learnt and worked across multiple settings, David has an eclectic and multidisciplinary approach and background that draws upon multiple languages, cultures, geographies, histories, technologies and artistic expressions.  He is a keen amateur writer and poet.

In sum, David aims to help organizations to better navigate uncertainty, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes to achieve and measure results in the best possible way. 

Open to work short or long term, he would be delighted to discuss how to support and complement needs in programme management, governance, planning and monitoring, and more.